Mini movies

Note: these videos are really big (for better sound and video) and hosted on our server (because… copyright).  So they may take a while to download over slower internet connections.  They sometimes get off to a bad start too (sometimes nothing happens, sometimes weird error messages, etc.).  If that happens, try it again.  If the progress bar inches along, wait it out.

2021 – August

The wetlands bloom and the Monarchs start migrating through.

2021 – July

The prairies bloom in July.

2021 – June

This one is about how busy we all are in the early summer.   Plants, critters, people…  all busy.

2021 – May

This one is all about the transitions from late-spring to early summer — as seen at five our our goat-prairie points.  Oh, and showing off a few drone shots, now that I’ve got one again.  More of the drone-videos will turn up over at this drone-video-page.

2021 – April

Robins and Grouse and Snipes and Woodcocks!  Oh my!

2021 – March

My informal title for this one is along the lines of “early migrants return” as blackbirds, cranes, swans, and woodcocks are featured in the sound track.

2021 – February

The best video actually showed up in January when we got several days of beautiful hoarfrost.  It got crowded out by the publication of the Seasons 2020 video.

2020 – December

A really late fall turning toward winter just in time to deliver a very light snow for a white Christmas.  Marcie does an ace job of planting some Butterfly Weed and I capture a bunch of nice sunrise/sunset clouds.

2020 – November

This is the first one.  A grab of video and sound from our Morning and Afternoon Walks.  The sound is lightly-edited audio from the sound recorders over the last few days.