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First post! A mini-movie – 2020 – November

Here we go!

This first one is a 50 second video that features Ears In The Driftless audio recordings.  Video came from our Morning and Afternoon Walks in late November.  The sound is lightly-edited audio from the sound recorders, also over the last few days.  I don’t like the audio-transitions much, but I’m a believer in leaving first-tries in their original state.  I’ll address my mistakes in subsequent efforts.

Note: this is not Youtube.  It’s a direct download of an MP4 file from this site.  I’m doing it this way to preserve video and audio quality.  If your internet connection is slow, you will see “buffering” messages while this 350mb file downloads.  It’ll get there, just give it a while (perhaps a cup of coffee, perhaps over night depending…).